Event Recap
Retail Arena 2023: Event Recap, Takeaways and Personalized Signage

Retail Arena 2023: Event Recap, Takeaways and Personalized Signage

Event Recap, Takeaways and Personalized Signage

Retail Arena 2023, the highly anticipated event organized by Tidningen Market and Dagens Industri, recently took place on 5 October 2023 and exceeded expectations with insightful sessions, expert-led breakout discussions, and keynotes from retail industry leaders which gave a unique chance to gain some insight into their respective retail chains have strategized to ensure success and growth but also what they will be doing to secure future success.

Read on to discover key takeaways and the latest trends within the retail industry unveiled at Retail Arena 2023.

Unleashing the Power of Brand Positioning

Three standout keynotes with industry-leading experts which gave a unique chance to gain some insight into how their respective retail chains have strategized to ensure success and growth.



1. The next step in Dollarstore’s strategy in securing its market position and future growth

Anders Kind, Chief Executive Officer at DollarStore, provided insight into the key elements that will enable the discount chain to level up. He shared engaging insights on how the discount chain focuses on enhancing its strengths while ensuring it remains innovative, which aligns with the chain’s latest tagline, “No Monkey Business.” This approach addresses the chain’s most significant challenge: maintaining its competitive pricing position while simultaneously working to build trust and authenticity to establish credibility for long-term growth, rather than short-term gains.


2. A strong digital and physical presence creates a winning concept for Apotek Hjärtat.

A deep dive into one of Sweden’s largest pharmacy chain presented by Monika Magnusson, Chief Executive Officer at Apotek Hjärtat, exploring how to meet the customers where they are – and want to be through creating a strong physical and digital presence is the key to success. Magnusson offered insight into how Apotek Hjärtat has defined its core values and ensured the values seamlessly permeate the entire customer’s journey.


3. Navigating losses, rebranding and restructuring – Power’s entrance into the Swedish electronics market

After Power acquired MediaMarkt’s 29 department stores, it only took a month to reprofile and get started. Now, they are already looking to opening 30 additional stores. Robert Van Toor, Chief Executive Officer at Power Sverige says the retailer does not want to contribute price war, instead it aims to becoming No. 1 within electronics by providing customers with a much better value.

Shoppa is honored to be able to extend its more than 10 year long partnership with Power Norge and aid Power Sverige with this endeavor.  


Introducing: Target group-adapted signage in the physical store

On stage, Nils Lundin and Annika Wester from Shoppa held a keynote about how target group-adapted signage can improve the customer experience and increase sales in the physical store. They explored the transformation the retail store has faced since the 1950s up until today when it comes to to communication with the customer, how the customers needs have changed along the way, retailers major opportunity to promote more purchases, loyalty and promotion.

On stage Nils Lundin (on the right) presented how customers expectations have changed the last 5 years. 71% of those asked expect a more personal shopping experience and 86% would pay more for a greater shopping experience in the physical store.

Personalized signage that meet customers where they are with relevant, promotional content and offers will win the day – even amid economic uncertainty. With Shoppa, you can create and distribute personalized signage that allows you to convey to the intended audience, providing customers with information, inspiration a WOW experience.

Schedule a demo with Shoppa today to learn how Personalized Signage can help your retail chain increase sales and create a stronger shopping experience for your customer.

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