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Shoppa is the leading signage solution provider for retailers in northern europe. Our vision is to streamline and enhance in-store communication to provide an even greater shopping experience for retail customers.

Our story

Our story began in 2003 in Enköping, a small town in Sweden, with one idea: to build an application that could help pharmarcies create and print labels. Overtime, a small signage software application grew and became the core of what Shoppa delivers today.

Fast forward to now, Shoppa ensures retail chains can deliver clear signage communication intended to help improve their customers experience. We provide an all in one platform with the ability to create, adapt and distribute signage content on a global scale with the help of integrated product data. All of this leads to an streamlined customer journeys both in-store and HQ.

We share a geniune passion for signage communication. We not only want to provide a strong signage solution but also provide our customers knowledge, inspiration, insight and guidance within signage communication.

Today, Shoppa’s 25 employees are united in the mission to make us the number one signage solution provider within retail. We are already to go-to for the largest retail chains in scandinavia, and we have international expansion in our sights.

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We embrace an ownership mentality in everything we do. We dig in. We take on every challenge, big and small. We get the job done.

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It’s become a simple response, but its significance runs deep. We’re one team, built on trust, with the realization that together, we go further.

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We’re obsessed with delighting our customers. We’re their biggest champions. Their success is our winning strategy.

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We prioritize action over discussion. We move with a sense of urgency and focus, unafraid to make mistakes along the way.

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We build technology that unlocks access. We open doors and create space for diversity of people and thought. When we look like the world, we build for the world.

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