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Digital signage optimizes the shopping experience. Higher expectations and distractions are becoming more common amongst customers. Draw your customers into the shopping experience and help them make a purchase decision by using digital signage displays.

With Shoppa’s digital signage solution you can create animated digital signs using the product data already stored in the system. No need for produced movies that are product specific and go out of date.

You can easily distribute content to different channels and schedule future playlists. You will be able to deploy your content to thousands of digital signage displays, without the time and effort that would normally be required.

The templates you create in Shoppa’s digital signage solution can be made to adapt to every product category in your store, meaning you will have unique, target specific, animated content for every product in your stores.

Make it flow

Your choice of content strategy can influence the effectiveness of your digital signage. Studies have shown that inspiration combined with call-to-action is the most efficient digital signage solution.

Based on these studies we have developed FLOW. FLOW stands for Feel, Lead, Offer & Want. We believe this strategy will help your customers make a purchase decision, and increase the sales of the displayed products, by creating a personal subconscious feeling and relationship with the product.



FEEL: Create a feeling related to the product, trigger personal subconcious associations.
LEAD: Lead the customer towards the brand or product and anchor the positive feelings.
OFFER: Offer a product related to the feeling.
WANT: Create a want, and help the customer make a purchasing decision.


Plan ahead. Different channels and groups in our digital signage solution lets you distribute content to several stores at the time or on screens across the stores. You can schedule content on a single screen in one specific store, or on every screen in every store.

Plan ahead and have your content played every other Friday, only on weekends or during Christmas every year. Live update and copy existing playlists to save time.


Increase sales, attract and engage consumers at the point of purchase. Replace your 50×70 endcap in store signage with digital signage displays. The Endcap Solution is a complete bundle with two digital signage displays and mounting solution, specially designed to be mounted in ceiling or shelf.

The Endcap Solution is designed for shopping aisle in retail stores and provides the possibility to display multiple products in combination with brand building movies to boost sale and provide the consumers with an inspiring, modern and relevant shopping experience.

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