Why typography matters

Typography – what fonts you use, and in what size – can have a large impact on your message.

Together with the logo and brand colours, typography is a strong brand carrier. Therefore it’s important to use the same typographic expression in all channels.

This is especially important in all channels leading customers to a product.

Readability becomes more important than brand recognition the closer you get to the product.


The typography carries the text – the message of each sign. It’s important to choose fonts and text sizes that can deliver the message in a clear way, without being distracting. In some cases, for example in seasonal themes, more creative font choices might be okay, as long as the connection with the brand isn’t lost.


Using highlighted or special fonts for special occasions can amplify your messages.




Creating a hierarchy of the texts on a sign is vital to having the customer grasp its message.

Here, you see a sign where the designer should have worked a bit more on the hierarchical text setup.

In this case, the designer has done a good job at setting the text hierarchy, making the sign easier to grasp.

Much better, isn’t it?


Now the product has a noticeable product name. In this case the sign would be easy to find and read for any customer looking for headphones.


Brand and product name

The brand and product name have been given more space and differentiation in both text size and font choice. Of course, this is very important information for anyone looking for a specific product.

The product details are presented using a smaller text size. It’s important information near the product itself but doesn’t need to be highlighted.