Pictures and why they matter

The function of pictures – setting versus product

Pictures in signage are images of a product or images that provide a context, mood or setting. Pictograms, symbols, splashes, brand logos and other graphical elements could also be included in the definition. Common to all is that they should serve a purpose, or be left out.

Let pictures serve a purpose


When you aim to create a feeling and to lead customers to a product, pictures have a great impact. A customer can relate to a portrayed situation or brand when a sign is dominated by a picture.

Near the product, the need for product or contextual pictures is lower. At that distance, a product picture can be useful to create visual recognition between the product and the information on the sign. This could be important in certain sections of a store where products need to be easily distinguished from one another.

Mood-creating pictures near the product itself could however also serve the purpose to create associations with other products, if that’s your goal.

Serving non-native


Imagine being in a store where you don’t speak the language at all. Maybe, even the letters are all different.

You wouldn’t understand anything without pictures. A sign with a product picture and the product price would help you find what you’re looking for.

Using digital signage


When using digital signage, there is more room for mood-creating pictures.

When selling products for hot chocolate, for example, a digital sign can switch between pictures of a cosy cabin in snow and the actual product.

On a printed sign, the cabin picture would have less connection to the product and take up important signage space.