Nordtech is a new technology-based group that acquires and develops companies with leading industry-specific software. The founders of Nordtech are Pål Hodann and Nils Bergman, who have long and solid experience in running and developing software companies.

When Nordtech acquires companies, they do so with the intention of perpetuity. Giving Shoppa the best conditions to create remarkable products and achieve grow within the retail solutions market.

Nordtech has well-known investors such as Nicklas Storåkers, Pricerunner, Åsa Risberg (previous partner at EQT) and Karl-Johan Persson (Current Chairman H&M).

Pål Hodann, co-founder of Nordtech: “From the first moment we met the employees and staff from Shoppa, we instantly grew a liking for them. They exude professionalism and competence in their work. With a solid potential for accelerating Shoppa’s growth and presence in the Nordic countries and internationally, we are convinced there is a bright future ahead of us.”


Shoppa will continue to operate as an independent company where Nordtech provides the best conditions for Shoppa in its continued development as a company. The existing head office for Shoppa will remain in Enköping, Sweden together with its current employees. The founder and former primary owner of Shoppa, Per Alamiekkoja, remains in his current role, leading Shoppa after Nordtech has assumed ownership.

Per Alamiekkoja: “I’m looking forward to this exciting chapter with Pål and Nils from Nordtech. They were easily able to comprehend Shoppa’s cultural dynamic and its potential. With them, Shoppa will have the opportunity to reinforce its position in the global market further.”

Nordtech will officially obtain full ownership of Shoppa on 1 June 2021.
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