Shoppa is going global

The software manufacturer Shoppa is expanding into international markets. With the recruitment of Thomas Jansson as new Business Area Manager, the first objective is to expand in Europe with the established signage solution for both digital and printed signs.

Thomas Jansson has a solid experience in digital signage. His most recent experience is from Philips, where he successfully contributed to Philips LFD achieving a strong position in the Nordic market.

“I am excited to bring the Shoppa to the global market with its ingenious solution that automatically generates content for in-store signage. There is a huge demand for a signage solution that can not only manage both digital and printed signs but also create content for the digital signs,” says Thomas Jansson.

“The expansion is a natural step as it enables us to follow along with our customers as they expand outside of the Nordic region themselves. We have noticed that many retail chains outside of the Nordics are interested in both our signage solution and our services, which include design, content production and integration,” explains Jansson.


Sales through distributors and resellers

The expansion enables the organisation to grow substantially, with the goal of having around 50 representatives tied to sales in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia within three years. Shoppa will work together with local partners and distributors to sell and install the signage system, with the initial focus being on European retail chains. The first distributor agreements are already in place.

“Sales were previously managed directly with customers internally within our own organisation. Going forward, sales of our software and services will be managed by carefully selected distributors and resellers. We will also move the support from being solely from our head office in Enköping, Sweden to local service organisations that can assist our customers,” explains Thomas Jansson.

Digital signage with a focus on product sales

One of the advantages of Shoppa is that they offer one platform that manages both the printed and the digital signage communication. Another advantage is that content is easily created – even for the digital signs. Within just a few minutes, several digital messages can be created and sent to one or more digital signs, without complicated installations and without expensive production costs.
“Our digital signage solution comes with a product selling content strategy called FLOW, which is based on the four elements Feel, Lead, Offer and Want,” says Jansson.

The concept is based on research on how digital signage communication should be designed to enhance the consumer’s purchase decision

The foundation is Feel, which is intended to catch the consumer’s eye with an inspirational image or video clip. Then comes Lead, which is meant to pique the observer’s interest by showing the brand and possibly also a slogan. Next is Offer, i.e. the product that is being offered. The final component of the content strategy is Wantthe price that convinces the consumer to make a purchase.


The entire process of producing this digital content is easily done in Shoppa’s signage system. Sequences with animations are created automatically by simply dragging and dropping a product to a sign template in Shoppa. Once the short video clip is generated, it is ready to be sent to one or more digital signs within seconds. Working in Shoppa is a fast and easy way for retail chains to keep their stores updated with current campaigns and products.

Efficient production of digital content creates demand

Another advantage that Jansson points out about Shoppa’s digital signage is the production cost for digital content.
“After the start-up investment, there are no further charges for creating new content within the coming years, unlike many other digital signage systems where the greatest cost relates to content production,” he says. “This is a huge benefit of the Shoppa Signage System that reduces costs and simplifies work for our customers.”
Naturally, the system is also capable of playing regular videos if the aim is to combine brand building with product selling messages.

“We are expanding our business because our solution has caught the eye of a number of companies outside of the Nordic region. Our existing customers have found our system to be of great value as well and see the potential for continuous development. This has caused demand to skyrocket,” concludes Thomas Jansson, Business Area Manager at Shoppa.