Shoppa and OKI are proud to announce main partnership at Di Retail 2019.

The event, that will take place on the 11th of April, has a primary focus on the physical store in today’s heavily digitalized world. Representing Shoppa is executive director Per Alamiekkoja, who will lead a keynote talk on the quest for the customer’s attention and how to captivate the digital in-store customers. Di Retail is one of the largest retail conferences in Sweden and Per Alamiekkoja is most enthusiastic about participating in the event.

– The in-store customer experience is essential, and it is with joy and humility that we contribute with our knowledge at Di Retail 2019. How do you captivate today’s digital in-store customer, in the best way possible? Welcome to go into this in further detail with Shoppa and OKI on the 11th of April, says the executive director

The digital transformation has reshaped retail, and Shoppa is well aware of the challenges offline stores are forced to face. Today, the physical store has to add value and offer an experience that cannot be obtained online, in order to keep on attracting the shopper’s attention. During his speech, Alamiekkoja will talk about how this can be done.

Shoppa and OKI welcome you to visit our booth at Di Retail and to listen to our presentation, which is to be held at the Sheraton Hotel in Stockholm, on the 11th of April.

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