Most employees at XXL are heavily involved in signage in their stores. Early on, the company realized the impact of images on their price signs and put a lot of work into finding an image for the right product and combining it with the right sign for printing. The system they had for printing the signs was complicated and not user friendly, taking up too much time from their daily activities.


To keep pace with XXL’s rapid expansion in the Nordic region, it was important to find simple and effective signage software. Their goal was also to increase the accessibility of images on the signs and promotions to be launched in all the Nordic countries. Another requirement was that the marketing department could work centrally from the Nordic headquarters in Oslo.


  • Centrally manage all promotions for all the Nordic countries.
  • Obtain a tool that was simple and effective.
  • Reduce the number of hours spent on signage tasks in the store.
  • Ability to have images on all signs in the store.


The implementation project took place during the spring and summer of 2013, with launch and installation in the stores in the fall of that year. A Nordic template package was developed, and integrations to the Axapta ERP system and the PIM system Hybris were carried out. To speed the marketing process, XXL uses Shoppa’s Designstudio to design all sign templates.


Shoppa Plus was installed in all of XXL’s stores, allowing access to templates, images and automatic access to all product information via the internet.

Shoppa Enterprise was installed at the Nordic headquarters, enabling it to manage the graphical profile of all stores in real time. This way, headquarters can quickly and automatically provide all stores with new or updated templates.

By using Mediablob Client promotions are created for all stores based on prices, product data and images that are automatically imported from the Axapta ERP system and the PIM system Hybris.

For the integration, Integration Engine was used, offering a proven and effective method that minimized the time needed for testing and implementation.

Shoppa’s Designstudio manages the day-to-day production of sign templates in all the Nordic languages directly in Shoppa’s signage software

We chose Shoppa thanks to its simplicity and its increased efficiency for image and campaign management
Espen Terland
IT manager

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