Rusta is constantly working with campaigns and uses many in-store signs in several different formats in their department stores. In the past they had to use nine different signage systems to be able to create the in-store signs they needed. Working with campaigns was time-consuming and could involve more than 50 different layouts and hundreds of products, all of which combined to create endless combinations.


Rusta was preparing for rapid international expansion. It was important for them to find a flexible, easy to use in-store signage system. They wanted dynamic templates that automatically adapted to needs and areas of application, as well as one single system that could handle all their different sign formats. Their expansion also meant that several different languages needed to be handled simultaneously and efficiently


  • To be able to manage all campaigns for all countries centrally
  • To have one in-store signage system that was easy and effective for both head office and the department stores
  • To reduce the total number of hours spent working on signage
  • To have the facility to manage POS materials with ease


The implementation project took place during the spring, with launch and installation in department stores during the summer. A template package was developed and integrations were performed with the IFS business system and the InRiver PIM system.


Rusta went from nine different systems to only one. Now they can print an entire campaign in all desired formats in only three clicks. In addition to this, Rusta experienced unexpected efficiency improvements. They could now obtain information about a product’s price changes, see what had been printed and where, and they could also use Shoppa’s product data search engine.

The implementation of Shoppa made work with in-store signs and campaigns much easier for Rusta and created new opportunities for them.

“In the past we had nine different signage systems. Now we only need one, which means we can easily create all the signs for every department store in each country.”


In all Rusta’s department stores was the software Shoppa Plus installed, which provides them with access to templates, images and to all product information.

At the head office was the software Shoppa Enterprise installed which enables Rusta to control the department stores graphic profile in real time. Headquarter can thus very easily provide all department stores automatically, with e.g. new and changed sign templates.

Rustas PIM system was complemented with Mediablob Client to facilitate the work of the Concept Department, in the production of various sales guides, as an example.

The integration was handled with Integration Engine , that is a proven and effective way. This minimized the working hours for testing and implementing. Integration was made to both IFS (prices and promotions) and the PIM system inRiver (product data and images).

In the past we had nine different signage systems. Now we only need one, which means we can easily create all the signs for every department store in each country.
Richard Gotbring
Concept manager

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