Plantagen was using a signage solution that confined each store’s operations to their own silos. Information was saved locally in each store so no other stores could benefit from it. This meant, for example, that signs showing the same products had different textual content and images in different stores. Everything was input manually, and there was no integration with PDAs, store data or the central ERP system.


For Plantagen, it was important to find a solution that offered all their stores a single source of product information and that would let them maintain their graphical profile in the stores as well as on their website.


  • Centrally manage all information and images for direct access in stores and online.
  • Obtain a tool that ensures a uniform graphical profile.
  • Reduce the number of hours spent on signage tasks in the store.
  • Be able to work with Nordic products globally in the chain but local products nationally.


The implementation project was carried out in two stages, with Plantagen Norway going live first followed by Sweden and Finland in 2011. Integrations were done at the central level with their business systems and web as well as locally with their own handheld solutions in the store. In the spring of 2014, the solution was implemented at the Nordic level. The integration was redone, and all items and images were implemented globally with local variations, such as language.


After Shoppa’s signage software was operational for some time, the need arose to quickly and efficiently streamline the processes of developing and printing signs for the outdoor garden center. With the help of Shoppa, the implementation time was slashed from 4 months to fewer than two weeks, saving costs and increasing flexibility. In addition, other formats could be created for stores that had unique needs



Shoppa Plus was installed in all of Plantagen’s stores, allowing access to templates, images and automatic access to all product information via the internet.

Shoppa Enterprise was installed at each head office, enabling each country to manage the graphical profile of all stores in real time. This way, headquarters can quickly and automatically provide all stores with new or updated templates.

By using Mediablob Client the Nordic headquarters can manually supplement and adjust all product information, including product images, logos, pictograms, ad copy, prices and other information about the product. Nationally, local products can be added, country-specific prices applied and promotions managed. For the integration,

Integration Engine was used, offering a proven and effective method that minimized the time needed for testing and implementation.

With Shoppa, our stores and our customers get a common source of product information and uniform brand message whether online or in the store
Tobias Karlsson Malmborg
Nordic Marketing Manager

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