For Euronics, a strong profile was needed that could easily guide the entire chain in its efforts to create broad-based marketing. Euronics had a signage system that was inefficient, out of date and costly.

As an independent retail trade chain, Euronics faces situations in which a lack of management in the stores creates unnecessary overhead. It was important to use signage software that brought savings and created flexibility for the merchants while providing headquarters with a tool that simplified signage activities in the store.



The implementation project took place during the winter of 2012-2013, with the first step being the installation of Shoppa’s signage software at headquarters. Each store was then rolled out during the spring, summer and fall of 2013. In the spring of 2015 the signage system was supplemented with Shoppa Flow, Shoppa’s solution for digital signage. Because the infrastructure and work approach were already in place when the signage system went live, the Shoppa Flow roll-out went smoothly and painlessly.

  • Simplify and streamline signage work in the store.
  • Increase the flow of information.
  • Obtain an integrated printing service.
  • Digital signage from a single platform.


Before Shoppa’s signage software was installed, a massive volume of printed posters simply ended up in the trash. But now that all the stores themselves control their own range, the trash has remained empty. In Shoppa’s signage software, central templates are created for all Euronics’ promotions and then the merchants choose the signs they want to print or send for printing. Prints are ordered directly in Shoppa’s signage software, with next-day delivery. Euronics has optimized all stages in the process, allowing the merchants to make their daily routines more cost effective


Shoppa Plus was installed in all of Euronics’ stores, allowing access to templates, images and automatic access to all product information via the internet.

Shoppa Enterprise was installed at the head office, enabling it to manage the graphical profile of all stores in real time. This way, headquarters can quickly and automatically provide all stores with new or updated templates.

By using Mediablob Client you can create promotions for all stores based on prices, product data and images that are automatically imported from Euronics’ business system. Local merchants with several stores use Mediablob Client to meet the local chain’s needs for local products and promotions. For the integration, Integration Engine was used, offering a proven and effective method that minimized the time needed for testing and implementation.

To ensure that the promotions were easily and smoothly distributed to all stores, Shoppa Flow was added to Shoppa’s signage solution. This means that the head office can distribute the central promotion for digital display in all stores while the local merchants can add their own local digital messaging.

We realized cost efficiencies and created a unique function for our store owners when we installed Shoppa signage software with integration to Euronics business System
Håkan Kärrman
IT manager

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