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Coop was using an older web-based signage software that was built for Coop only and therefore had limited opportunities for development. The company noticed that it took too long to create and print signs in the stores.

Because the internet connection was also deficient in many of the stores, the company was concerned about not being able to print promotions and other sign materials on time.


The stores requested a flexible signage solution that was easy to manage and cost effective, and one that could let them print signs from anywhere in the store using a PDA, for example.

The signage software should also be integrated with Coop’s store data and central system for retrieving item data and store prices.


  • Deliver in-store communication that was compelling and drove sales in all of Coop’s stores.
  • Increase staff satisfaction out at the stores.
  • Reduce the number of hours spent on the signage system in the store.
  • Obtain a user-friendly, faster system.
  • Make it easier to create new sign templates and to store and reuse ad copy.


The implementation proceeded quickly and easily thanks to the WYSIWYG feature of Shoppa’s signage software. The stores got up and running quickly using a cheat sheet and training video on the web.

No traditional retail training was needed, saving both time and money.


Shoppa Plus was installed in all of Coop’s stores, allowing access to templates, images and automatic access to all product information via the internet.

Shoppa Enterprise was installed at Coop’s headquarters for each concept, enabling the company to manage the graphical profile of each store in real time. This way, headquarters can quickly and automatically provide all stores with new or updated templates.

By using Mediablob, headquarters can manually supplement and adjust all product information, including product images, logos, pictograms, ad copy, prices and other information about the product. Promotions can be adjusted for each region and in a consumer association in order to locally adapt the product range.

For the integration, Integration Engine was used, offering a proven and effective method that minimized the time needed for testing and implementation.

It was crucial to find an effective signage solution that could manage and print at least 80,000 signs every week.
Jasmin Albinsson
Marketing & Store Communication Manager

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