For many years, Bunnpris had printed signs directly from its store data, on preprinted paper and without the ability to use a compelling graphical profile. The in-store signage had no product photos or sales guides, and could not be printed in sizes other than A3 and A4. The promotion that was released bi-weekly was printed well in advance and sent to the stores, resulting in the fact that not much was hung up.


Bunnpris wanted to create a maximum sales impact in the stores based on a uniform signage design concept in a variety of formats and layouts. This would also entail building a new sales culture and creating stores that offered high availability and a sharp customer focus. The company also wanted to streamline its campaign management and be able to schedule it at least six months in advance and change it just hours before the campaign launch.


  • Simplify and streamline signage work in the store.
  • Build an information bank containing all product information.
  • Order sign printing right from the store floor.
  • Print promotions directly in the store.
  • Create advertising and direct ads in the signage software.
  • Digital signage from a single platform.


The implementation project took place during the summer and fall of 2013. The first phase involved building a product information database with a new signage design concept, after which the project was verified in three pilot stores. In the spring of 2014, each region was rolled out until Shoppa’s signage software was installed in more than 250 stores. In parallel with the project, a local price import function was installed to enable the import of prices and the store’s item range at the store level. In the fall of 2015, Shoppa Flow (digital signage) was installed with up to three digital screens per store.


Before Bunnpris did a complete rollout of Shoppa’s signage software, pilot installations were implemented. One of these included the store in Vikåsen, which also tested an entirely new format, a banner of 29.7 x 120 cm. Thanks to this and the fact that the sign contained a product image, the company saw its sales increase by 25% after three days and more than 220% in 2 weeks. Learn more in the video “Bunnpris: Shoppa in Store” above.


Shoppa Plus was installed in all of Bunnpris’s stores, allowing access to templates, images and automatic access to all product information via the internet.

Shoppa Enterprise was installed at the headquarters and each region, enabling them to manage the graphical profile of all stores in real time. This way, headquarters and the regions can quickly and automatically provide all stores with new or updated templates.

By using Mediablob Client promotions are created for all regions and stores based on prices, product data and images that are imported.

Integration Engine was used locally in store to directly import prices and the store’s item range from store data. Integration with the PDA was done to be able to create signs right from the shop floor.

To ensure that the promotions were easily and smoothly distributed to all stores, Shoppa Flow was added to Shoppa’s signage solution. This means that the headquarters and regions can distribute the central/regional promotion for digital display in all stores while the local merchants can add their own local digital messaging.

Shoppa´s signage software, with its capability for local production of signs and content for digital screens, has enabled our stores to strengthen their local anchoring and competitive advantage.
Ingunn Sandnes Laugen

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