This is Shoppa

Ever since Shoppa was founded in 2004 we have believed that profitable customer experiences comes from a combination of print and digital signage. Nowadays, our services are based around our own signage software – that currently obtains a market-leading position in the Nordic regions.

  • We help more than 90 chain stores with their in-store communication
  • Have over 20 000 users
  • But only provide 1 complete system


We support retailers of all sizes with their in-store communication. With extensive experience from the retail industry we offer our own signage software and other services that helps retail chains to craft in-store communication that makes a mark.

Let us help your business!


Knowledge is everything. All of Shoppa’s tools and services are the outcome of the latest research in communication and sales. Thanks to our broad expertise in IT, marketing and design our solutions is therefore always evolving to meet the present market challenges in the retail field. This keeps all of our clients at the forefront of in-store communication.

Shoppa’s software is completely developed in-house by our agile developers and skilled applications specialists. Keeping it up to date with daily technological developments and constantly adding new key functions.