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We believe in the power of sign communication. We know that effective communication increase sales and enhances the customer experience. Together we inspire, improve and achieve tangible results.
We provide you with the tools to create successful communication.


What affect purchasing decisions?

Erik Modig, PhD and researcher at the Department of Marketing and Strategy gives his three best tips for successful communication in store… Read more


Facing the future of signage

Digital communication in combination with analog signs – the recipe to successfully reach your customers and speed up the purchase decision…Read more


Professional integration

Shoppa is quickly integrated with external systems such as image banks, ERP systems and store data… Read more

Our clients – some of the world´s smartest companies

All our clients hold in common the understanding that the ”customer in store” requires enlightening, inspiring information, fresh suggestions, ideas and clear prices, etc, in order to enhance their shopping experience and encourage store loyalty. Shoppa helps provide the store customers with this essential information

What we believe

We believe in creating visual impact and know that the easiest way to communicate in-store is by signs. We know that customers want inspiration, wow-effect, information and price on products before they make purchase decisions.

The right communication at the right time & place

We have long experience and knowledge of signage communication. There are many elements that impacts the customer. We know the importance of using the right size at the right location. Using communication tailored to the customer with appropriate font, images and color. These are some of the elements that impacts the customers purchasing decision.

Make it easier & quicker

We develop software to make it quicker and easier to create visual impact with printed and digital signs in store. Our products help reduce lead times, increase sales and maintain the graphical profile throughout the entire retail chain.

Analog and digital communication from one platform

In-store communication is at a crossroads, a new generation of consumers have new behaviors and expectations. We take a brief look back at the shop communication different phases. And will focus on how we can reach the new generation of consumers and facilitate the pruchase decision in store. In study after study it appears that most of all purchase decisions are made in store.


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